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We'll pay you to travel the world

Visit remote countries, meet interesting people & gain work experience and training - all without spending a dime.

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How it Works

  1. Choose an internship (2-4 months), specializing in different fields - copywriting, marketing, design, programming, etc.
  2. Travel & visit multiple countries throughout the program, with all expenses (flights, accommodations, per diems, etc.) paid
  3. Work on real-world client projects & get special training for 30-40 hours a week - the rest of the time is yours to adventure & explore

Gain work experience while seeing the world

Founded by Silicon Valley veterans, we'll prepare you for the workforce while you roam

Real-world work for real-world clients
Have plenty of time to roam & explore
Work & travel with amazing peers

Upcoming Internships

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What's Included?
  • 30-40 hours a week of client work (copywriting, blog writing, article writing, keyword research)
  • 5 hours a week of education/coursework (content marketing, SEO, automation, basic programming)
  • Flights, accommodation & daily expenses covered
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What's Included?
  • 30-40 hours a week of real client work (sales, prospecting)
  • 5 hours a week of education/coursework
  • Flights, accommodation & daily expenses covered
Applications Begin Sept. 4

What's Included?
  • 30-40 hours a week of client work (content marketing, performance marketing, CRO, etc.)
  • 5 hours a week of education/coursework (growth hacking, AI in marketing, product marketing fundamentals, etc.)
  • Flights, accommodation & daily expenses covered
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About Us

We're a founding team that's worked with companies like Amazon, IBM, Zapier & more, including launching our own 7 figure business, while collectively traveling as digital nomads for over 15 years.

We travel the world while working with world-class tech companies - join us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You don't have to choose between traveling and your career - RoamX is the World's Greatest Internship.

There's no catch. Every week you’ll work between 30 to 40 hours for your assigned employer as part of a internship placement. The earnings of this internship mean you’re not paying anything out of pocket to travel with RoamX and even get a salary to help cover your additional expenses.

RoamX also has partnerships with airlines, hotels, and other providers to lock in some discounts to help keep things affordable while not sacrificing on a great experience.
RoamX offers a structured internship program that is remote, allowing you to work while traveling.

Why work in a beige cubicle, 9 to 5 over your summer when you can live and work in a different part of the world, with others, without spending a dime.

Each RoamX program is designed to provide a structured internship placement with an employer and supplements this with dedicated educational courses.
RoamX is designed for students or recent graduates, but really anyone can be part of a RoamX program.

We’ve had full-time employed graduates quit their jobs to join RoamX and travel while upskilling in their career.

We’ve had university students use RoamX as a way to travel the world, gain new experiences, make new friends, and get invaluable work experience to set themselves up for a great job upon graduating.

We’ve had entrepreneurs or freelancers use it as a way to travel while earning a living and build up their experience for a remote full-time job later on.

Most of our previous RoamX participants (roamers) have all gone to work for the companies they interned for as well!
No. If you make it past the first few stages of the application process at RoamX, you will interview with a employer to secure an internship placement with them. The RoamX team will help you prepare for this interview, and provide any support needed so you can land the job.
Expressing interest in a specific program and submitting your application before the cut-off date is the first step.

If you have further questions, you can also reach out to us through live-chat before submitting your application so we can help clarify any questions you have.
The first step is expressing interest in the RoamX program and submitting some additional documents that are relevant to the program you’re applying to.

We’ll evaluate your application after the cut-off date and reach out to schedule a call to get to know you better and why you’re interested in the RoamX program.

If we believe you’re not a good fit, we’ll still let you know of our decision.

After our call with you. We’ll shortlist the applicants that are the best fit and share with them the internship opportunities available. If you’ve made it this far and like the internship opportunity available, we’ll help prepare you for the interview and begin introducing you to your other travel mates.

After your interview with the internship employer, if the internship employer offers you the internship position, then you’ve reached the final stage.

A final touch base with the RoamX team to sort out logistics should have you good to go to join the program on the given start date.
No, we do not offer any visa assistance and this is solely your responsibility to secure. We can help point you in the right direction but you’ll have to figure this one out on your own.

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