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Hire top-tier remote interns for your business

We run 2-4 month fellowships for top prospects in marketing, software development & UX design around the world

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How it Works

  1. We identify top burgeoning talent, and fly them to different destinations around the world for 2-4 month work-travel fellowships
  2. During the program, your interns will work for you (remotely) on a full-time basis, while also receiving day-to-day supervision & mentoring/training from our team
  3. You will contribute a total of $3000/month for each intern, while we cover the rest of their fees

Find your next rockstar talent

Attract a steady pipeline of top-tier, undiscovered talent at an industry-low price

Interns are vetted through a rigorous 5-step interview
Small cohort sizes allow daily 1-on-1 supervision from our team
Training curriculum is catered to your business needs

Upcoming Programs

We're always running new programs & courses, so check back often.

What will you get?

Hire a full-time copywriter, trained personally by our experts, to write content for your business & lead content marketing efforts.

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What will you get?

Hire a business development intern to help prospect & close leads.

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What will you get?

Hire a full-time, full-stack growth marketer (trained by us!) to help grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You don't have to choose between traveling and your career - RoamX is the World's Greatest Internship.

For a flat monthly fee, you’ll have access to a intern either full-time or part-time to work for your organization.

Simply enroll in the RoamX program for free, indicate the fellowship program you’re interested in hiring an intern from (e.g. Digital Marketing) and we’ll present a set of vetted candidates for you to hire from.

You can choose to have a potential candidate put through your own interview process before hiring them.

Once hired, you’ll have a remote intern that works for you, either for a month, two months, or four-month duration.
You can express interest in hiring an intern through RoamX here. We’ll be in touch shortly with more information and schedule a call to get to know you better.
Yes, although if the fellowship program has a location which is where your company has offices, then you can let the intern know whether he/she would like to work some days out of the office and meet the team.

However, the RoamX fellowships are remote fellowships and interns are not obligated to be in-office for any of their internship positions.
Nope, if all the candidates you interview don’t meet your hiring standards. You’re in no ways obligated to hire an intern. However, we do ask that if an existing active posting needs to be taken down as you’re no longer able to hire an intern, please let us know immediately.
There’s a monthly fee that goes towards paying for the intern’s time. This would be their ‘salary’ so to speak. However, there is no additional cost beyond that towards sourcing the intern and there’s no fee for posting a job, only pay if you find a successful candidate and would like to hire them.
We usually begin hiring for each cohort 3 months in advance. As a result, if you’ve expressed interest in hiring an intern through RoamX, you’re post will remain active until a month before the beginning of the fellowship program after which it’s automatically removed.
Hiring an intern is quite similar to a temporary contract position hire and may come with specific hour commitments that deviate from the traditional 40 hours per week full-time roles.

You’ll be hiring RoamX interns as independent contractors through RoamX and the RoamX team will also provide support to help you throughout the process.

You may be hiring part-time interns that work with your team for 3 days a week, and spend the remaining 2 days engaged in other activities that are part of the RoamX program. This will depend on the particular fellowship program you choose to participate in.
During the first few weeks of the work term, we encourage you to hold a regular check-in meeting with the intern to provide feedback on their performance and/or behavior.

Intern employees are subject to the same performance standards, ethics, and codes of conduct that you would expect from any employee.

Do let us know immediately if you have urgent concerns about an intern’s performance and well-being.
Yes, each interested applicant to any of our fellowships will go through a rigorous interview process before they are presented as potential candidates to you. You then have full liberty to have them undergo your own organization’s interview process before arriving at a decision.

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